Middleville, Mich., a town located between Grand Rapids and Battle Creek, has place a moratorium on the enforcement of its 12-year-old ordinance restricting the right of RV and boat owners to park their rigs on their property.
Town officials were considering making the ordinance more lenient until RV and boat owners complained that even after the proposed change, the ordinance would be too restrictive, according to the Grand Rapids Press.
The 12-year-old law only allows residents to park their RVs or boats in their back yards, unless their back yards are on steep hills or obstacles prohibit access to the back yards.
Middleville officials were considering allowing RV and boat owners to park their rigs on their driveways for up to 48 hours for loading, unloading and cleaning.
The existing ordinance will not be enforced until there is further review of the ordinance, the Press reported.