Micro-Air Inc. announced that its EasyStart 364 has added transparent cover for its three-light diagnosis sequence. According to a press release, the clear cover 364 is available now and will be showcased at the Wally Byam International Airstream Rally at Doswell, Va., beginning July 20.

“We’ve always delivered a durable plastic case for our product that is strong, easily mounted and waterproof. It protects your EasyStart investment that in turn protects the investment you’ve made in your rig and air conditioning,” said Russ Thomas, chief of operations at Micro-Air.

EasyStart is an electronic soft-start product that gently ramps the start of an A/C unit and reduces power in rush as it turns on an A/C compressor. The product permits starts on low power sources like 2000-watt generators.

With the introduction of the transparent cover, the lights assist the installer in diagnosing problems in operation. One light indicates overload while three lights means improper wiring.

Micro-Air’s eCommerce Manager Marc Gerardi said, “One from Column DS21 with one from Column DS23, means stall. One from Column DS22 and Column DS23 means power interruption and so on. The chart helps immensely.”

The EasyStart is manufactured and tested in Micro-Air’s Allentown, N.J., plant.