Officials for the inaugural Mid-Atlantic RV Expo, held March 16-18 at Meadow Event Park in Caroline County, Va., are reporting strong sales for the 10-plus participating dealers. 

“I am glad we participated. Promoter Show Managers LLC blanketed the market with advertising which brought the buyers,” said Shelby Walsh, co-owner of Hayden’s RVs, in a press release. “We also noticed the Expo had a lot of young first-time buyers, which is great for the industry as a whole. We will be back next year.”

Ed McNamara, general manager of General RV, commented, “With General RV just entering the Central Virginia market, we knew Show Managers would provide us a first-class selling event. This was by far the best show in the entire Mid-Atlantic based on quality of the attending public and our show sales.”

Susan Bollhurst, vice president of Scenic View RV, noted, “We loved the venue and location for this show. The staff was very professional and the event was heavily advertised.”

Show Managers LLC is a new Virginia-based company comprised of former GS Events employees. The Mid-Atlantic RV Expo was their second RV expo within the last year.

“We knew it was time for a new expo with the current growth in the RV industry and with the recent RV dealer acquisitions and additions in the market,” said co-owner Chris Grubbs.

Anthony Tedesco stated, “We have two simple goals with our expos. To provide quality buyers, whether they are existing or new RVers, to our dealers and provide the public the best variety of product in one convenient location at a low cost.”

Show Managers LLC continues to research new markets in the Mid-Atlantic area to expand its portfolio.