RV rental firm Mighway recently expanded its partnerships to include all industry sectors, aiming to “better serve consumers and increase business across all aspects of the RV industry,” according to press release.

New partners include Thousand Trails campgrounds and Encore RV resorts; Aspira Connect, the operator of ReserveAmerica.com; and Roadtrippers.com, a provider of online trip planning tools. Mighway is owned by TH2, a new joint venture between Tourism Holdings Limited (thl) and Thor Industries Inc. 

“Right now the RV industry is at a crossroads, where peer-to-peer platforms are often seen as competitors rather than what they are — a chance to grow its future,” said Dave Simmons, CEO of Mighway. “Peer-to-peers are introducing a new generation of consumers who are tech savvy and trust their peers more than traditional marketing.”

Simmons said that Mighway now partners with all segments of the industry, from commercial rental operators and manufacturers to RV parks and RV booking software providers “to better serve the consumer and expand business for all.”

Aspects of Mighway business model include:

  • Mighway was the first to partner with commercial rental operators and now leverages those relationships to offer a “Mighway Managed” program where owners can list online and earn income but remain hands-off.
  • The Mighway model allows RV dealers to list commercial inventory on the platform while a “try-before-you-buy” sales tool provides an additional revenue opportunity for established commercial RV rental and dealer businesses. Mighway also supports dealers with a dealer sales tool box that expands sales opportunities. 
  • Mighway partners with large and small commercial RV rental operators such as El Monte RV and Wheelie Nidil to offer renters more options, and provides owners a local expert to handle their rentals via the “Mighway Managed” program. 

According to the release, Mighway aims to benefit its latest partners by expanding their customer base. It also seeks to make the RV booking and travel experience better for customers, working with these new partners to create content that speaks to Millennials.

“We believe the best way for the industry to sustain its current growth is for all segments to work together,” Simmons said. “We’re the only peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace that collaborates with all these industry sectors and leverages that power to benefit both consumer and trade.”