For only 7% of what space tourist Dennis Tito paid to orbit the Earth, you could buy a “Liberty Lady Classic” bus conversion motorhome built by Liberty Coach Inc. of North Chicago, Ill.

The Lady Classic was shown during last month’s Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) Winter Convention in Oklahoma City. It carried a price tag of $1.342 million, which is equivalent to 7% of the $20 million that Tito paid the Russian space agency to ride in the International Space Station.

The Lady Classic is a luxury apartment built inside a bus chassis assembled by Canada’s Prevost Car Inc. It cannot fly but it does include highline amenities including Vitracor laminate interiors and plasma TV. However, much of the added cost came from the labor and materials required to install a slideout to satisfy Liberty’s and Prevost’s specifications, said Frank Konigseder Jr., vice president of Liberty Coach.

Unlike Tito, if you buy a Lady Classic, you wouldn’t have to pay NASA if you accidently break anything.