Concerned residents, backed by the Palace Casino in Biloxi, Miss., won a preliminary battle to stop a proposed RV park near their property, according to a report in The Mississippi Press, Pascagoula.
The Jackson County planning commission voted 6-1 Wednesday (April 19) to deny the property owner’s request to rezone the property.
“There’s residential and agricultural property on either side (of the project),” said commission member Rickey Murphy. “I just don’t see enough proof for a zoning change.”
Richard Branhan, part owner of the property, wanted to rezone the land so his potential buyer could turn it into an RV park. Branhan said the plans were “consistent with what’s in the area,” noting an existing RV park is a mile south of his property.
Branhan also said the proposed park would help house people wiped out by Hurricane Katrina.
But neighbors of the property, who worried the park would increase noise and decrease property values, launched an effort to stop it.
“We are very concerned about people moving in and out of there all the time,” Sherry Fleming told the planning commission in a public hearing.
Biloxi’s Palace Casino also opposed the RV park. The casino is a financial partner in a nearby luxury golf course under construction that is scheduled to open in early summer.
“We made a significant investment,” said Bill Mason, golf course developer. “The character of the area is residential, and we want to keep it that way.”
Under the committee’s recommendation, no commercial business can be built on the property. Branhan has seven days to appeal the commission’s recommendation before it is sent to the Jackson County Board of Supervisors for a final vote.