Supervisors of Harrison County, Miss., recently denied an appeal by the Five Star Resorts RV park in Pass Christian to expand and change its zoning classification, according to the Sun Herald newspaper.
The Harrison County Planning Commission had originally denied a request by Five Star Resorts for a zoning change in the fall because of problems with the application.
Patrick Bonck, zoning administrator, explained that the planning commission denied the RV park’s request because there were many outstanding concerns about the placement of cabins and RVs in flood-prone areas.
The proposed expansion also would increase the amount of space in a portion of the park that allows RV users to purchase 99-year-leases and stay for an indefinite period of time.
“Several people appear to be living in the park year-round,” Bonck told the Sun Herald.
The expansion also would violate a proposed a zoning ordinance amendment proposed by the Planning Commission last month that would place limits on the amount of time someone can stay in an RV. After hearing from several RV park owners, the planning commission agreed to table the resolution and study the group’s recommendations.
The RV park has occupied the area for 40 years, but when zoning took effect in 2000, it was not zoned correctly, said Dean Wilson, a lawyer for Five Star. If the zoning classification is not changed to a recreation area as requested and something happens to the property, there is no guarantee that the land will stay an RV park, Wilson told the Sun Herald.
Wilson explained that some of the leases were signed before the 2000 zoning classification. In addition, the RV park did not know it was not zoned correctly until May 2003.
“It’s not the burden of the zoning department to know if someone is selling lots under a nonconforming use,” countered Supervisor Marlin Ladner.
Bonck told supervisors that if Five Star addressed some of the flooding and water and sewer concerns, the commission would review its application again, according to the Sun Herald.