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MITO Corp., a leading distributor in premium electronics, has entered into a partnership with Stag-Parkway (STAG) to increase distribution of the WiFiRanger Sky to United States’ and Canada’s vast dealer network. WiFiRanger Sky, a BlueMesh Networks WiFi router, combines waterproof engineering with signal-boosting technology for the best outdoor connection.

The partnership allows MITO to continue to supply manufacturers in the RV, marine and truck industries with STAG serving WiFiRanger’s growing aftermarket dealer needs. With 12 warehouses, five customer service call centers and one technical call center, STAG has been fulfilling the RV supply chain since 1968.

In addition to fulfillment, STAG offers a number of merchandising and marketing solutions for dealers’ aftermarket needs, including innovative direct mail and web marketing solutions.

“They’re a great company for us to partner with,” said Rod Hire, Product Manager for MITO Corporation. “They’re a one-stop shop for dealers, and this relationship allows us to get our product into the hands of our target market.”

Tom Probst, Product Director at STAG, couldn’t agree more. With STAG’S next-day delivery to over 97% of America’s RV dealerships, WiFiRanger immediately gains nationwide awareness through STAG.

Overall, paired with MITO’s Elkhart distribution facility, central to most of the nation’s RV manufacturers, the partnership strengthens WiFiRanger’s availability to RVers.

A hot commodity for travelers, WiFiRanger Sky has proven to be a great aftermarket RV product. Touted as a device that “takes WiFi to new heights,” the Sky strengthens any accessible WiFi signal, allowing RVers to blast past large downloads, stream videos and browse the web, even without being impeded by a low signal. And unlike other routers, the WiFiRanger Sky can broadcast a separate, secure signal while receiving a public WiFi hotspot — all without being confined to one location.

“More RVers are relying on wireless connectivity to enhance the RV lifestyle,” Probst said. “Dealers who intend to market full-service solutions to the end user need to stock WiFiRanger.”

To learn more about WiFiRanger Sky and its capabilities, view the digital brochure at http://mito-em.com/wifiranger-sky-brochure.html.

Dealers must be a STAG dealer to source RV parts, including the WiFiRanger Sky. Dealer signup can be done online at http://stagparkway.com/Dealer-Sign-Up.aspx or by calling the nearest STAG Call Center. Call center contact information can be found at http://stagparkway.com/Contact-Us.aspx.