WiFiRanger, a supplier of RV connectivity solutions, and parent MITO Corp. announced the selection of the Sky 4 Pack LTE technology as one of five finalists in the inaugural RVBusiness RISE (Recognizing Innovation & Supplier Excellence) Awards program.  

According to a press release, the Sky 4 LTE Pack is a WiFiBoosting device that delivers upgrades on many features from previous models including but not limited to increased range, SafeSurf security encryption, LTE modem, improved automatic connection and bonding, as well as GPS telemetry data collection for future AI use for connected devices.   

“We are honored to receive this award for the Sky 4 LTE Pack Technology,” stated CEO Kelly Hogan. “We are thrilled with the advancements and improvements to our base technology that we brought to market in 2018 and appreciate the recognition for our dedication to innovation at WiFiRanger with this prestigious award. We hope to make a solid case to win this award again next year with the unveiling of our upcoming line of products that incorporates this next-gen technology into a new form factor and feature packed all-in-one unit for the 2020 model year.” 

“Being a finalist in the inaugural year of this award is thrilling for MITO Corporation as the distributing partner of WiFiRanger.” noted Vice President of MITO Product Development, Rod Hire. “Kelly and his crew have done a great job developing a solid product with year over year innovation. It would be hard to find anyone more deserving of this honor for all they have done, and are going to do in the near future for the RV Industry.”

Designed to showcase and honor the best and most innovative new OEM and aftermarket products for the 2019 RV model year, WiFiRanger Sky 4 Pack LTE will be recognized at RVX: The RV Experience,” hosted by the RV Industry Association (RVIA) on March 14 in Salt Lake City, Utah. At that time, the overall RISE Award winners in each category — drawn from the finalists — will be announced live on stage.

Five finalists were selected in each category from over 70 submissions by an independent panel of judges based on innovation, functionality, customer acceptance, competitive impact, performance measures and other criteria.