City officials in St. Peters, Mo., hope a recreational vehicle facility built within a 300-acre recreation area as part of an industrial park will become a regional or even national attraction for RV enthusiasts.
The St. Louis Dispatch reported that several residents attended a city-sponsored meeting Monday (June 19) evening to discuss plans for the recreation area. Jeff Hutsler, the city’s parks director, said construction of recreation facilities could begin next spring after design work is completed this fall. Some facilities could be ready in 2008.
The recreation area’s most prominent feature will be a 140-acre lake where earthmovers are scooping out soil needed for the business park’s nearly four-mile levee. Designers are planning a four-acre swimming beach at the lake’s eastern end. On the west, where the water will be shallow, a wetlands “with a kind of bayou feel” will be developed, Hutsler said.
When fully built, the RV park will have paved pads and full hookups for 120 users, Hutsler said. RV fees will help pay for the entire park’s maintenance, he added. Plans are for the city to develop the RV park in 40-pad stages.
RV enthusiasts at the meeting Monday made several suggestions, including providing visitor parking and a store.
Eddie Pilla, an RV enthusiast, said he was pleased with the plan. “If they build it like they’re talking, it’ll be excellent,” he said.
The RV park, campgrounds, picnic areas, boat dock, concession stands, two dog parks and an archery range will be developed between the levee and the lake, which will be more than a mile long and, at its narrowest, 750 feet across.