Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt from an article posted by MSNBC.com examining the growing breed of mobile workers working from RVs. To read the entire article and view related photos click here.

For many Americans, summer is the time to hit the road in an RV, taking time off work to see the country from the relative comfort of a home on wheels.

But for some free-spirited adventurers, summer never has to end as the RV becomes a mobile office, taking advantage of the growing ubiquity of wireless Internet access.

Jim Nelson and René Agredano are examples of this new breed of telecommuters who are at home on the road.

It’s a far different lifestyle than cubicle culture of the traditional office setting, Nelson said in an interview from their favorite guest ranch in Lake City, Colo.

When asked why they choose to work out of a recreational vehicle or camper, many professionals cite the freedom that comes with a mobile lifestyle.

Nelson made the choice years ago after suffering through a two-hour daily commute in the San Francisco Bay area, when he was a marketing manager for a hardware company.

“It just beats your soul,” Nelson said. “Now I can commute by choice. I can move somewhere if I want to if it’s prettier. It’s not the grindstone.”

In 2007, Nelson and Agredano sold their graphics business, their Eureka, Calif., home and most of their belongings and hit the road full-time in a 24-foot, fifth-wheel trailer. Equipped with gadgets including a satellite dish for Internet access, solar panels and a pair of laptops, they have a virtual office that travels with them. Nelson, 45, works remotely as a graphic designer, while his wife of 15 years, 43-year-old Agredano, works as a freelance writer and jewelry maker.

To read the entire article and view related photos click here.