Editor’s Note: The following report by MobileRVing.com, a website hosted by Southeast Publications, reports on Riverside RV’s focus on retro trailers.

When shopping for an RV, many major manufacturers follow similar aesthetics — muted colors on the outside, modern sleek on the inside. Usually, the goal is to make them seem big and spacious and pack in as many amenities as possible. However, wherever one goes in the country, multiple dealers carry one trailer manufacturer that stands out with vintage green and reds, classic styling, and vintage style interiors —  Retro trailers made by Riverside RV.

Riverside RV, based out of LaGrange, Ind., has been around for about 10 years. “It started out with four guys building trailers and one running the company from the owner’s pole barn,” recalls Chris Daniels, sale representative for Riverside. “They would make about one or two trailers a week then ship them out.”  

Eight years ago, the company started the retro line and has been going strong ever since. The trailers offer aluminum frames and are built to be just like the old trailers, with modern amenities like television, A/C, refrigerator, etc. Since the beginning with only a couple people working, about 80 folks now work on the production line, building about 10-12 trailers a day.  

“The owner saw that no one was really making the vintage look and thought it was a great niche to get into,” Daniels said “Turns out, it is what a lot of folks were looking for. Where we spend the least amount of money is in marketing because the word of mouth is so good.”  

Daniels said when the company attends RV shows, it tends to draw a lot of people coming in to see what the trailers are all about. Dealers often come to Riverside to stock their retro trailer line, because “it gets a lot of folks inside the dealership to look at them.”  

The travel trailers range in siza from about 14-32 feet. Nearly all of them are half-ton towable, with the smallest coming in around 1,500 pounds and the largest weighing in around 7,000 pounds. The interiors are all vintage — checkered floors, wood paneling and real wood cabinets, retro-style cushions, and classic looking countertops. There are modern twists on many models, though, like slideouts and freezer/fridge combos.


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