Editor’s Note: The following report on the upcoming 5th Annual Tearstock appears on MobileRVing.com, a website hosted by Southeast Publications. 

Teardrop trailer travelers have one thing in common: They are all completely different from one another.

To celebrate the fact that teardrop trailer owners are not afraid to be different –  to stand out from the crowd of campers and motorhomes – Liberty Outdoors and Little Guy Trailers are hosting their 5th annual Tearstock 2018 July 12-15 in Mackinaw City, Mich.

“These are not your typical RV’ers,” explained the event’s co-founder Chris Baum. “These are people that go against the grain. People with that ‘life on their terms’ mentality. People looking to get away.”

And Baum isn’t talking the traditional RV stops. With a tiny teardrop camper, travelers can fit – and stay – where most RVers cannot, one of the biggest selling points of going small. The ease. Being carefree. Spontaneous adventures. The kind that starts with a sudden road trip with friends, and ends with kayaking to a mysterious island or hiking a new trail in the mountains. 

“It’s all about living your best life. Right now. That’s what we want to encourage people to do,” said Baum. “People want to get out and do things. They want to feel good. They want to bike. Kayak. Get away from the shootings, wars, politics. We want to show them a way to do that. And with Tearstock, people can come and have that escape, that community. They can talk about their travels, their hopes, their dreams.”

And that’s the core of what Tearstock is truly about, year after year. Why it keeps growing. Why it went from a 30-trailer gathering its first year to selling out over 150 campsites this year before the event even began. People are enthusiastically traveling from all over the United States not just to explore the history, nature and culture of Mackinaw City, but to meet other people who are just like them: Unique. Different in each way with one thing in common. Not afraid to be different.

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