Buttercup Boler trailer

Editor’s Note: The following report on the upcoming 5th Annual Tearstock appears on MobileRVing.com, a website hosted by Southeast Publications. 

When you first buy a fiberglass trailer, you are unknowingly joining a cult,” laughs Ian Giles. 

Giles is a proud Boler fiberglass trailer owner, as well as organizer of the 50th Anniversary of Boler Trailers gathering on Aug. 15-19 at Red River Exhibition Park in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The event will reportedly be the largest gathering of molded fiberglass trailers in history, with about 400 trailers and 850 people currently signed up to come, and an expected show of about 500 trailers. There is music, food, fun, community, and much more planned at the fairgrounds.  

Recognizing that the 50th anniversary of Boler was coming up, Giles started to organize a 50th anniversary party about a year and a half ago. “I put together a research database through social media, Facebook, and RV forums, and asked who would be interested in coming to an event like this,” Giles said, “We had about 650 interested so we figured it would be pretty big.” 
Giles did not have any experience putting on a large event like this, though he did retire as a project manager, so he used his experience from that to break it into tasks and started planning. “It is basically me and my wife and a few volunteers organizing this,” he says.  He has someone that is handling entertainment, as well as the caravans. 


Boler decided to organize six caravans that will caravan across North America to the rally. There are three in the United States, originating in Sacramento, Oklahoma City, and Chicago, and three in Canada. They have several sponsors that will showcase goods and trailers at the event. 

“We have Oliver Travel Trailer from Tennessee, Happier Camper in California, and Armadillo in Canada,” he said.  

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