Editor’s Note: The following profile on Hi-Lo trailers appears on MobileRVing.com, a website hosted by Southeast Publications. 

There are many iconic campers on American roads like Airstreams and Shastas. One that might not be as well known, but has a strong cult following due to its uniqueness and quality in construction, are the Hi-Lo trailers. 

The trailers are essentially hard-shelled pop-up trailers that move up through a telescopic hydraulic lift system. Hi-Lo’s have been around and respected since 1959. They closed their doors in 2010 due to the economy at the time. However, because of its iconic design, The Kerola Group, based in Pennsylvania, acquired the trademark, designs and intellectual property of Hi-Lo.

“When Hi Lo was still in active production we were a dealer. They produced a 15T model that was a wonderful small camper. I have, and still feel HiLo is a brand that has an active following and produces a good product,” Bill Kerola, owner of Kerola Campers, said.

He had several meetings with Snyder, family owner of Hi-Lo. “It was a pleasure and honor to meet with a camping legend. HiLo was more than a brand for him; it was a life’s passion. The opportunity opened up and we struck a deal,” recalls Kerola. 

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