Kansas Campgrounds: Private Versus Public

Campers looking for a place to stay have no shortage of options when traveling through Kansas.  The state boasts 26 state parks, as well as a private campground association that has 25 members.  While there are many parks and campgrounds throughout the state, not all are operated the same, nor do they cater to the same clientele.

“The Kansas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds was formed in 1973 by campground owners for campground owners.  The mission is to be of assistance to campground owners, to bring them together to network with one another to learn about trends in the industry, new demands of the campers, and to help problem solve how we can help each other over time.  It has evolved to be an educational platform.  At the moment Kansas is a small group, we have twenty-five members and they are from around the state”, explained Mary Arlington executive director of the Kansas Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds.

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 MobileRVing Adds Analytics For Resort Users

MobileRVing.com has installed profile analytics and review management features within the popular RV Travel Search Engine. The analytics reports now show resort users how often their profile has appeared within a search on the website, and how many impressions each of their profile pages receives. Included within the analytics, resort users can now see what actions have been taken within the website.

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Why You Need To Remove Feral Pigs From Your Property

Invading hoards are taking over large areas of the country.  These invaders are moving across the country destroying landscapes, spreading disease, and polluting waterways.  These invaders are not a foreign force, but feral swine first introduced to this country hundreds of years ago by Spanish conquistadors.

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NASPD Director Lewis Ledford Weighs In On Preserving Parks For The Future

Lewis Ledford was the first state park director to rise from entry level ranger to the top spot in the North Carolina park system. After retiring from that position in 2014, Ledford took on the role of Executive Director of the National Association of State Park Directors. In advance of the 2017 NASPD Conference in Missoula, Montana, Ledford spoke with The Buzz about balance, the future and keeping connected.

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Air Opus: The Self-Inflating Camper

Simplicity. Efficiency. There’s only one camper that truly embraces the art of the quick campground set-up: The AIR OPUS, the world’s first self-inflating camper trailer. Inflating in just 90 seconds, the AIR OPUS camper reduces overall setup time and removes the tradition of setting up poles completely. By just pressing a switch, an electric pump fitted inside the camper begins to inflate the AIR OPUS.

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MobileRVing The Buzz Visiting German Caravan Show

MobileRVing the Buzz will be sending their Editor in Chief Tim Wassberg to Dusseldorf Germany to cover the Caravan Salon event, one of Europe’s largest RVing events.

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