Mike Molino

Almost a full year after announcing he was stepping down as the Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association’s (RVDA) president and CEO, Mike Molino has launched a new venture. According to a press release, his new position is president at Mike Molino LLC, a firm for association and business consulting.

“With over 40 years in the roles of CEO, COO, planner, instructor, facilitator and human resources staffer, I believe I have the breadth of experience and the communication skills to help executives and managers refine their own strategic planning, leadership and management skills,” said Molino. “My new mission is not very different from the mission I followed in military service and at RVDA – to use my broad range of success and experience to help CEOs, executives and managers shape their future, become better leaders, solve problems, improve teamwork and achieve their vision.”

Molino will assist clients from not-for-profit associations and government agencies along with for-profit small businesses, especially those blending family members into their staffs.

As a certified association executive, Molino is qualified to administer and interpret the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and has extensive use with the DISC and the Caliper Assessment.

“It is exciting to offer my experience to other organizations, helping them gain new energy and ideas,” he said, noting he would continue in an advisory role for RVDA at least through June.

For more information visit www.MikeMolinoLLC.com.