The RV industry has a lot of things going in its favor now, but Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA) President Mike Molino warns against allowing a sense of complacency to set in.
Molino addressed what he believes the industry needs to do to stay healthy in the current edition of RV Executive Today, the RVDA’s monthly magazine. He wrote the following.
“We have a whole bunch of new potential customers, good economic conditions, low interest rates and available fuel supplies.
“What could ruin this perfect set-up? The answer is We. We, the industry, could screw this up, if we don’t pay attention to our current as well as our potential customers and do what is necessary to provide them what they want. They want reliable products, excellent service when something goes wrong and, most of all, to be treated like our futures depend on them.
“If we are to be successful, every one of us has to get better at what we do. Last year’s best effort won’t be good enough this year. We all have to improve our knowledge and improve our ability to use that knowledge.”
The RVDA Education Foundation’s RV Learning Center is one tool that dealers can use for continuous improvement, Molino said.
“Throughout 2004, we expect the RV Learning Center to grow its capabilities so that more and more dealers and dealership employees will be able to use the resources of the RV Learning Center to improve their job knowledge and skills.
“To make the RV Learning Center effective, you (dealers) must support it by using it — by participating in the programs offered, ordering the publications, tapes and CDs in its catalogue and by donating money to help it grow and provide quality ‘stuff’ at prices everyone in the industry can afford.”