Lippert Components Inc. (LCI) has announced that Grand Design RV Co.’s Momentum toy hauler line will feature OneControl ConnectAnwhere at next week’s Elkhart RV Open House.

According to a press release, cellular connectivity is one of the most demanded feature cited by consumers and dealers. OneControl ConnectAnywhere technology allows the Momentum to be controlled or monitored via the OneControl mobile app virtually anywhere, right on the owner’s mobile device. Previously, RV owners needed to be close enough to connect through the local Wi-Fi network built into the coach.

Introduced under LCI’s electronics division, LCI Technologies, OneControl ConnectAnywhere is an enhanced version of the OneControl Wireless system (formerly known as myRV) that utilizes the local Wi-Fi network. Once the OneControl App is downloaded to the owner’s mobile device, the ConnectAnywhere technology allows RVers the ability to operate and monitor their Momentum.

Another improvement with this new technology is allowing the user to be continuously connected to the Internet while using the app. OneControl ConnectAnywhere’s hardware is universal, so any cellular network can be used to operate the system. ConnectAnywhere is a true cellular system, so if there is no Wi-Fi network at the campground, the system will work seamlessly off of the user’s cellular network.

Nate Goldenberg, general manager for Grand Design RV, noted, “We have had success with the OneControl Wireless product in the past. Owners like the ease of use and the convenience factor, but the cellular technology is what we’ve been waiting for. ConnectAnywhere will give our customers more freedom to use this product than ever before.

“With this particular unit at the Open House, OneControl will be able to operate the coach’s slideouts, awnings, water pump and heater, generator, multi-color dimmable lights, three-zone HVAC system and auto leveling system. Additionally, it will monitor tank levels and control the water tank heating system.

“More and more of our customers are starting to understand that the future of RVing will definitely require some kind of smart device incorporated into their floorplans,” said Brian Hess, LCI director of sales for towable RVs. “As the key demographics become younger and younger, RVers will demand this technology. Thankfully, LCI Technologies’ research and development team is keeping LCI on the cutting edge of RV technology. We’re excited to partner with Grand Design and can’t wait to see how their customers receive the product.”