Monaco Coach Corp. is offering exterior full-body paint on “nearly all of our coaches” for model year 2005, Vice President of Sales and Marketing Mike Snell said during the company’s national dealer meeting last month.
“We know we had some shortcomings in our 2003 and 2004 model years in certain price points, and we paid for it, both with market share and with sales on your lots,” Snell said during the gathering in San Antonio, which was attended by about 600 people representing more than 200 dealerships. “As an example, we faced a competitive challenge with full paint. So we invested in a huge paint facility, but labor constraints limited us to delivering full-body paint solely on a few products.
“I am happy to announce that this model year we are ramping up full paint for nearly all of our coaches. We know that last year Discovery and Journey gained market share by offering full paint in a very popular price point. I’m pleased to announce that Knight and Ambassador are now fully painted and more beautiful than ever.”
Monaco Coach also is building its Knight and Ambassador models on its exclusive eight-airbag Roadmaster chassis, and, Snell added, “Wait until you see our new interiors – they’re incredible. It’s a major improvement in this particular price point and with your help we should make huge strides with these (Knight and Ambassador) products.
“We think it’s very exciting to also be offering one-stage paint on our lower-priced models – the Neptune and Cayman products,” Snell added. “These coaches will be the only ones in their price point featuring the luxury and beauty of full paint. It’s a great proactive move to get back to being ahead of the competition.
“In addition to full-body paint on most models, we’re also offering the powerful new one-of-a-kind Cummins 350 ISL engine, teamed with the customized Roadmaster chassis, on the ’05 Camelot, Diplomat, Endeavor and Santiam. This unique new ISL delivers an outstanding combination of power and reliability for exceptional performance.” Snell said Monaco is offering a $2,500 on 2004 models rebate on the Knight, Diplomat, Ambassador, Endeavor and Santiam.
“I’m proud to announce we’re extending the rebate until the end of July to help you move your remaining 2004 products quickly because the 2005 products are just so exciting.”