When workers at Monaco Coach Corp. need a checkup, prescription, relief from a cold or the flu, or treatment for an on-the-job injury, they can get those services without leaving their work site.
According to a report in the Register-Guard, all they have to do is head over to MonaCare, the health clinic that the company opened a year ago at the north end of its Coburg, Ore., campus.
Staffed by doctors, family nurse practitioners, a physical therapist and a pharmacist, the clinic each month sees an average of 429 patients and writes more than 1,000 prescriptions.
Employees say they get quick, quality care without having to shell out co-pays for office visits. Many also say they’re saving money by getting prescription drugs through the clinic’s pharmacy.
“I think it’s great,” said Pete Hanes, a Monaco production manager. “It’s way more convenient.”
Last week, Hanes met up with his wife and two kids at the clinic, and they all got company-paid flu shots.
Monaco is one of just a few employers in Oregon’s Lane County to provide employees with a full-service health clinic at their workplace.
The Eugene School District pioneered the concept in the late 1980s, opening the first such clinic in the state, as a way to combat rising health insurance premiums and ensure employees’ access to medical care, said Michael Caley, the district’s certified staff benefits coordinator.
Nearly three years ago, Lane Community College opened the doors of its long-running student-health clinic to employees as well.
Although the clinics are still rare in Lane County, more employers are becoming interested in them as a way of improving employee health and cutting medical costs. And smaller employers that don’t have a large enough work force to justify the cost of a clinic are looking at teaming up with other employers to set up a shared clinic.
MonaCare has been “a great model, and now that we’re starting to get information about the outcomes of this clinic, it’s starting to interest other employers as well,” said Cheryl Boyum, CEO of Cascade Health Solutions. Monaco contracts with Cascade to provide the medical staff that treats patients at the MonaCare clinic. Cascade keeps patients’ confidential health information; it isn’t shared with Monaco, company officials said.
Nationally, work-site health clinics are flourishing at some of the country’s largest companies.