Monaco Coach Corp. has entered into a joint venture with Outdoor Resorts of America (ORA) Inc. to develop three luxurious motorhome resorts in California, Nevada and Florida.

The resorts will be in Indio, Calif., Las Vegas, Nev., and Naples, Fla. Each will have around 400 large landscaped lots along with golf, tennis, swimming, clubhouses with a health club and private owner’s lounge and gated security.

The facilities will be completed over the next three years and the estimated value of the three resorts will be more than $120 million.

The chairman and CEO of ORA is Robert Schoelhorn, formerly the chairman and CEO of drug company Abbot Laboratories.
Schoelhorn also is the chairman and CEO of highline motorhome manufacturer Marathon Coach Corp., which is based in Coburg, Ore., as is Monaco.

Earlier, Schoelhorn negotiated a joint venture with Randall Henderson, the president of ORA, according to Kay Toolson, the chairman and CEO of Monaco.

“I have followed the relationship between Schoelhorn and ORA with an ongoing interest in supporting our industry growth by helping provide more new and quality accommodations,” Toolson said. “There is a reasonable correlation between the availability of quality RV accommodations across the country and the desire of customers to purchase an RV for recreational pursuits or as an alternative to other forms of vacation housing.

“ORA is clearly a leader in the RV resort sector of the business and I have known Henderson and his management team for a number of years,” Toolson added.

Henderson believes physically or functionally obsolete RV campgrounds can limit or negatively impact the growth prospects for RV manufacturers. He also believes thoughtfully designed, quality built and efficiently managed RV resort facilities in attractive locations will help expand the market.