Monaco Coach Corp. recently introduced its “White Glove Program” in an effort to make sure its dealers receive defect-free units from Monaco’s factories.
Since late June, “every towable or motorhome in either Indiana or Oregon will go through the White Glove Program before it is shipped,” Monaco Chairman and CEO Kay Toolson told Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Safari, Beaver and McKenzie dealers assembled June 24-26 in San Antonio for the company’s annual Dealer Congress.
“The white glove process has shown us that coaches that were previously shipped to you (dealers) required several repairs,” Toolson said. “Now, we are taking information from our white glove program and you (dealers) and we are pushing it back into our plants.
“That doesn’t make us perfect — it certainly doesn’t mean that we are going to send you a perfect coach every time,” Toolson continued. “But, rest assured, that does remain our goal. We want to deliver a coach to you that needs little more than a wash before it is ready to be delivered to your customers.”
Additionally, former Monaco President Page Robertson, now a special assistant to Toolson, is contacting dealers who have received units that went through the white glove inspection process “to measure our success,” Toolson said. “This personal contact will continue because it is an important aspect of white glove and it is an important aspect of our relationship with you (dealers).”
Monaco, based in Coburg, Ore., a suburb of Eugene, operates several plants in Oregon along with factories in Wakarusa and Elkhart, Ind.