The interior of Monaco Coach Corp.’s Beaver Patriot is packed with the latest communications gear, which Oregon Gov. Jim Kulongoski intends to use for electronic and face-to-face interaction with the state’s voters.
The Beaver State’s chief executive will be using a 40-foot Patriot, which some are calling RV One, as an office on wheels during statewide tours dubbed as “Connecting Oregon” to promote the state’s economy, The Oregonian in Portland recently reported.
Jim Kulongoski received the Class A motorhome on Monday (Nov. 10) and he will first put it to use during a two-day trip along the Columbia River Gorge beginning next Monday (Nov. 17).
The $350,000-$400,000 coach, on loan from Coburg, Ore.-based Monaco for about 12 months, was outfitted with laptop computers and a wi-fi connection with the help of Intel Corp., the Santa Clara, Calif. chip maker that has a major operation in Hillsboro, Ore. Business lobbying group Associated Oregon Industries (AOI) arranged to have the mobile office provided to the governor.
Some labor unions representing Oregon state government employees are criticizing the donation, but the governor no longer has access to a small aircraft because the Legislature ordered the Oregon State Police to sell it last year, according to the Associated Press.
“I think the people in the eastern part of the state and the southern part and the coast have as much right to see the governor and have government brought to them as them coming to Salem (the state capitol),” Kulongoski told the AP.
Monaco “slightly customized” the motorhome to allow for the seating of up to 15 people, explained Mike Duncan, Monaco’s spokesman. “It’s a nice opportunity for business and government to work together and promote the fact that Oregon is a good place to live and work.”