Monaco Coach Corp. was the only RV company to appear on this year’s Fortune magazine list of “America’s Most Admired Companies.”
The retail market share leader in diesel-pusher Class A motorhomes ranked No. 7 on the list of the 10 most admired motor-vehicle manufacturers, Fortune reported in its March 8 edition.
Topping the list was Japanese automaker Toyota followed by American truck builder Paccar.
Nos. 3 through 6 were: Honda, Harley-Davidson, General Motors and Oshkosh Truck.
Following Monaco, Nos. 8 through 10 were: Navistar, Ford and DaimlerChrylser.
To compile the list, Fortune hired human resources consulting firm Hay Group, which started by organizing a list of the 10 largest companies in terms of sales revenue in 64 industries.
Monaco, with $1.22 billion in sales in 2003, was one of the smallest companies on the list in annual revenue.
Monaco barely made the Fortune 1000 list, coming in at No. 940.
But Monaco made the “most admired” list after Hay Group surveyed 10,000 executives, directors and securities analysts to rate companies in their industries on eight criteria using a 1-to-10 scale.
The eight criteria were: innovation; employee talent; use of corporate assets; social responsibility; quality of management; financial soundness; long-term investment and quality of products-services.
Monaco’s highest score was for quality of products-services, for which is received a 6.21; that ranked it No. 8 in the motor vehicle companies on the list.
The company’s next highest score was 6.0 for social responsibility, which also ranked it No. 8.
Here is how Monaco scored on the other six criteria and its subsequent industry ranking: 5.79 in both use of corporate assets and long-term investment, both of which ranked No. 7; 5.71 in financial soundness, No. 7; 5.64 in quality of management, No. 9; 5.50 in innovation, No. 8; and 5.43 in employee talent, No. 7.