Monaco Coach Corp. has picked Transpo Inc. as its primary diesel engine cooling package supplier, according to the New Haven, Conn.-based Transpo.
Under the agreement, Transpo will supply Monaco with radiators and its patented Ultra-Seal charge air cooler and an oil cooler. This is in addition to the side-mounted cooling systems that Transpo has supplied to Monaco — for use with higher horsepower diesels — since early this year.
“Our heavy duty sales and engineering team has worked closely with our customer (Monaco) to develop a successful solution to meet their cooling needs,” said Charles E. Johnson, Transpo’s president and CEO. “The newly designed package has been proven to be effective in the toughest of performance tests and could lead to other business opportunities.
“We look forward to a long an mutually beneficial relationship with this industry-leading customer,” Johnson added.
Monaco is the only high-volume diesel pusher Class A motorhome manufacturer that assembles its own chassis. Its Roadmaster chassis plant is in Elkhart, Ind.