Monaco Coach Corp. will install advanced emissions control technology at its Coburg, Ore., factory to settle a law suit filed by 24 homeowners who live near the plant.

U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken served as mediator to resolve the dispute between Monaco and its neighbors.

“We’re pleased to put this matter behind us and look forward to resuming a friendlier relationship with our neighbors,” said John Nepute, Monaco’s president.

The emissions controls will include “two state-of-the-art thermal oxidizers that typically destroy in excess of 95% of the solvents vented to them,” according to Monaco.

Although the installation of the new equipment is not required by local or state government clean air enforcement officials, Monaco will make the investment anyway to “address our neighbors’ concerns,” Nepute said. “Monaco is dedicated to being a good corporate citizen in all the communities in which we operate.”

Monaco has operated in the Coburg Industrial Park since 1995 and it added a new paint facility in 1999, which was the source of the neighbors’ complaints.

“We are pleased to achieve cleaner air and better relations with Monaco,” said Dick Brown, one of the neighbors who was a law suit plaintiff.

Monaco will be the first RV manufacturer to use such an advanced paint fumes control system. The new equipment will be operational by the end of February, according to the company.