Monaco Coach Corp. may eliminate some models and the firm has adopted a marketing and advertising strategy that emphasizes its five main brands – Monaco, Holiday Rambler, Beaver, Safari and McKenzie, dealers learned last week.
The occasion was Monaco’s Dealer Congress June 28-30 in San Antonio, Texas.
This year’s theme was “Experience Our Brands,” Monaco President John Nepute said.
“We chose this theme because we’re focusing like never before on creating separate identities for each of our brands, and each of our models,” Nepute said during the gathering. “You’re not going to see a lot of marketing and advertising for Monaco Coach Corp. going forward. It’s going to be Holiday Rambler, Beaver, Safari, McKenzie, and Monaco individually.
“We’ll be creating value for you with the brand of products you carry for us on your lots,” Nepute told dealers. “From this year forward we want the public to view us as five distinctive brands. Each having all the support and programs that can help make your dealership successful. Each competing in the marketplace with the most competitive products we can build, at the most attractive price points.
“What this doesn’t mean is that you have to deal with each brand group separately, with multiple contacts, and multiple phone numbers to remember.”
He said the company wants to keep things simple for its dealers.
“We already have our sales group divided by brand, so your existing RSM (regional sales manager) relationship remains the same. And we’ll continue to keep operations centralized where it makes sense, like dealer support or national parts, as well as a dealer and factory service network that can provide nearby service wherever your customer may travel.”
During the Dealer Congress, Mike Snell, Monaco Coach’s vice president of sales and marketing, noted that “brand differentiation in the marketplace” is a “very sensitive subject” within the Monaco Coach dealer body.
“You’ve told us of the challenges you face because your competitor down the street carries products very similar to the ones on your lot,” Snell said. “We wrestle with the issue of differentiation all the time because when one of our brands hit a homerun, we get hammered by our dealers to carry those same features on their brands.
“It’s just so difficult for us to avoid handicapping one brand in order to help another. It’s our goal to make whatever brand you sell the most competitive in price and featues in the marketplace. We do that so you can focus on the true competition – the 82% of the market held by all the other manufacturers.”
Snell said he agreed with Monaco Chairman and CEO Kay Toolson, who said during last week’s meeting that one way for Monaco Coach dealers to reduce the amount of confusion would be to inventory only Monaco Coach brands.
“It’s been a long-standing dream of mine that all of our dealers focus all of their energy on selling only our products,” Snell said. “For it to happen, we have to create incentives and business opportunities that are second to none.
“Some of our ideas include improving your profits through increased holdback, helping you with your facilities, signage and advertising. Our goal is to build a strong partnership with you and give you reasons to do more exclusive business with us.”