Monaco Coach Corp. sold about as many units to its dealers during the first nine months of this year as it did during the same portion of 2001, which represents a 17% decline when compared with the same portion of 2002, the company reported today (Oct. 21).
Monaco sold 7,063 motorhomes and towable RVs to its dealers in the nine-month period ended Sept. 27, compared with 8,534 units sold to its dealers in the same portion of 2002.
Meanwhile, Monaco sold 7,062 units to its dealers in the first nine months of 2001.
Monaco’s motorhome sales declined 15% in the first nine months of this year to 5,157 units, compared with 6,059 units sold a year earlier.
The company’s towable RV sales plunged 23% to 1,906 units, compared with 2,475 units sold wholesale a year earlier. However, a temporary reduction in towable RV production capacity earlier this year because of the recently completed expansion project at Monaco’s towables assembly plant in Elkhart, Ind., contributed to the decline, according to the company.
The main reason, however, that Monaco was forced to lower its production volume and reduce the size of its work force in April was the build-up of unsold inventory at the factory level in the first quarter.
In the third quarter, Monaco began to slowly increase its output as sales incentives effectively moved more 2003 models through the retail pipeline. This was reflected in the slightly smaller decline in third-quarter wholesale sales, when compared with the same portion of 2002.
In the July-through-September portion of this year, Monaco’s total sales to its dealers declined 14% to 2,436 units, compared with 2,846 units in the third quarter of last year.
In the third quarter of 2001, Monaco’s wholesale sales amounted to 2,371 units.
Monaco’s sales of motorhomes to its dealers declined by 14% in the third quarter to 1,751 units, compared with 2,041 units a year earlier.
Towable RV sales to dealers declined by 15% in the third quarter to 685 units, compared with 805 units a year earlier.