In a unique twist that’s been available for years, RV enthusiasts attending the recent Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) convention in Georgia were offered promotional literature by a firm called Action Services LLC, an affiliate of the Wilson Law Office, Missoula, Mont., that provides prospective RV buyers with a means of avoiding state taxes and lowering the initial cost of RV ownership.

Since the state of Montana has no sales tax on vehicle purchases and charges affordable RV registration and licensing fees, the company maintains, forming an LLC in the state essentially makes the buyer a Montana resident — on the books at least — and eligible for these lower costs.

“We set up LLCs for people to have their vehicle ownership here in Montana,” acknowledged Nancy Damaske, a paralegal for the firm. “It saves them sales tax because Montana does not have sales tax or any personal property tax. Montana requires that a Montana resident is listed on the title and the LLC is then considered a resident of Montana. It depends on what state you are a resident of on how much you are saving.”

She said a resident of Indiana, for example, would save 7% in state taxes on the purchase of an RV, adding that additional savings are available through low insurance rates and finance rates for LLCs. No vehicle inspection is required, according to the firm, which touts itself as a vehicle registration and titling expert forming LLCs quickly for its clients with “thousands of satisfied clients we have assisted and guided over the years.” 

According to the company’s website, www.actionservices-mt.com, Action Services handles more than RVs, helping clients from every state in the U.S. and many foreign countries, including individuals, corporations, full and part-time RV enthusiasts, musical entertainers, racing and sports teams, professional golfers, movie studios, car collectors and importer/exporters, purchase cars, trucks, boats and aircraft through Montana LLCs.

“There is much conjecture involving the Montana LLC registration program,” states the website in appealing to new clients. “While state laws can vary, we will provide you with the background, facts and necessary information to assess how our services will benefit you.”

A link page on the website includes insurance companies, marine credit firms and a link to the Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division along with leading RV clubs.