MOR/ryde Easy Reel Spooler

Elkhart, Ind.-based components supplier MOR/ryde International Inc. reported strong response to new product introductions during the early round of consumer RV shows.

According to a press release, MOR/ryde added several new offerings to its flat-screen RV mounts, allowing for easy removal and reattachment without the hassle of unscrewing the TV from the mount. The capabilities range from small, medium and large rigid mounts, swivel mount, and extendable mount. MOR/ryde’s full product range of heavy-duty flat screen TV mounts are designed to keep a TV safe while traveling the rough roads.

Also well received at recent shows is the new version of the Easy Reel Spooler. The REEL56-001H came out in early 2013 offering a strain-free storage solution to heavy 30- and 50-amp power cords. The REEL56-009H offers the same convenience, but with a smaller footprint and at a lower cost. The new reel measures 14.3 inches wide, 12.8 inches deep, and 13.4 inches high and can hold up to 30 feet of cord.

For more information visit www.morryde.com.