More executives from Fleetwood’s struggling motorhome division have been ousted, Fleetwood Senior Vice President Paul Bingham confirmed.

Those asked to resign are John Weiss, vice president-Motorhome Group, and Doug Kollmyer, director of sales and product planning for the Motorhome Group.

Dave Wilbert, director of marketing for the Fleetwood RV Group, also has left the company.

Their departures occurred shortly after Dick Parks, senior vice president-RV Group, was asked to resign.

“The (financial) results of the last few quarters have not been favorable in what had been a pretty decent market,” Bingham said. “We (senior management) are not pleased with those results and changes needed to be made.”

Fleetwood’s national RV dealer meeting is only two weeks away, but it will go ahead as scheduled, Bingham said.

The dealer meeting will take place Aug. 13-16 at the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn.

Bingham added that Parks might not be replaced soon because Fleetwood’s RV and manufactured housing groups are going through a management re-structuring “to fit the organization to current market conditions.”

A little over a month ago, Fleetwood warned Wall Street that its financial performance during the quarter that will end Saturday (July 30) “will be only slightly above breakeven” due to “deteriorating conditions in its RV business and continuing weakness in the manufactured housing market.”

Weiss and Kollmyer will be replaced sooner than Parks “because they are more on the front lines,” Bingham said.

Bingham added that he did not know whether Fleetwood would look outside of its ranks for replacements.