NomadISP, a division of LinOra Corp., and StarBand Communications Inc. recently announced a strategic partnership to provide NomadISP’s AH-1 “Anywhere Hotspot” product through StarBand’s dealer network.
The partnership enables the creation of StarBand-powered 802.11 WiFi hotspots to locations throughout North America in areas such as campgrounds, RV parks, marinas, truck stops and other places traditionally lacking affordable high-speed Internet access.
“The AH-1 Anywhere Hotspot product is a turnkey solution that provides pay-per-use and monthly hotspot access through the connectivity provided by the new StarBand model 481 satellite Internet service. Combining the AH-1 Anywhere Hotspot product with the extensive dealer network of StarBand, creates an effective solution to service areas that have been unable to deploy WiFi hotspot capability, and opens a complete new market to existing StarBand dealers.” said Kelly Hogan, CEO and founder of NomadISP.
“Demand for a turnkey WiFi Hotspot service from our dealers has been great,” said StarBand Sales and Marketing Vice President Howard Lossing. “Working with NomadISP and our network of independent StarBand Dealers to provide the ‘Anywhere Hotspot’ service is just another way we are helping provide high-speed Internet to the tens of millions of people in this country without DSL or Cable broadband access.”
“Most traveling people today depend upon access to reliable, high-speed Internet access regardless of where they are. The market for WiFi hotspots traditionally has been focused around major metropolitan areas, whereas consumers now can expect to have the same access and quality within their favorite recreational area.” Hogan said.
More information on the service can be obtained at  www.nomadisp.com or e-mail [email protected]