Tom and Caitlin Morton of the YouTube channel “Mortons on the Move” publicly announced their departure from Epic Nomad TV (ENTV) and parent company Epic Nomad LLC, following their official notice to company shareholders and management on Nov. 10, 2018.

According to a press release, in the summer of2017, Nomadic Life Films invited the Mortons to participate in creation of RV Nomads – The Movie. In addition to being cast in the film, Tom Morton was hired as director and aerial cinematographer tasked to bring producer Eric Odom’s movie vision to life. Caitlin Morton was hired as event director for the film’s premiere\ in October 2018 where approximately 400 nomads converged in Wellington, Texas. She also served as logistics producer for the film.

grand designThe Mortons were also invited to join Epic Nomad LLC and help build ENTV, the distribution platform for the movie to in 2019. After fulfilling their obligations to the movie and the premiere event in October 2018, the couple elected to exit the company.

“We are very proud of movie and NomadFEST 2018,” said Caitlin Morton. “We learned a lot from these experiences – about filmmaking, about event planning, and about what we really want out of life. The stories we heard during the filming about the lifestyle we currently live re-inspired us to continue our exploration of this world and chasing our own dreams.”

The RV Nomads movie was released on YouTube on Jan. 12 and earned over 100,000 views in the first few weeks of streaming. “While YouTube was not where we initially hoped the film would be distributed, I am excited that it is now getting more eyes on it,” said Tom Morton. “We had an awesome film crew and cast who powered through some incredibly tough filming conditions during production, including 100-degree Texas panhandle summer heat,” said Tom Morton. “It was an honor to work with them, and I’m glad the results of that hard work can now be seen by the masses.”