MORryde and AKTV8 have introduced a 32-bit micro-processor controlled, air suspension and leveling system. 

According to a press release iFlex SmartRyde automatically levels and lowers the vehicle by up to seven inches, greatly improving ingress and egress, and significantly reducing toy hauler ramp angles by 30% for easier load and unload. The onboard 150psi air supply provides additional convenience for airing up toys, tools and tires.

“Never before has the towable industry seen this type of ‘intelligence”’ packaged into a single integrated solution” said MORyde Sales and Marketing Manager Jack Enfield.

Towing is greatly improved by the Class A Diesel-like dynamics of the air suspension system, absorbing and managing poor road conditions, and transmitting less vibration to both RV and tow vehicle. Ride height can be adjusted to match the hitch height of the owner’s vehicle, and the suspension automatically maintains ride height, independent of any load, resulting in a smoother, more comfortable towing experience. 

The entire system can be controlled via onboard touch panel or smartphone mobile app. while hitching and un-hitching can be performed from inside the tow vehicle. “Our vision was to transform the camping and towing experience with intelligent pneumatic controls, and eliminate traditional hydraulics” said AKTV8 CTO Josh Coombs.

“The concept for an air suspension towable was the vision of John Sztykiel, an industry veteran with a history of innovation. The partnership between MORryde and AKTV8 further evolved this concept into a fully integrated air suspension and leveling solution, that capitalizes on MORryde’s reputation for quality and delivery and AKTV8’s innovations in equipment and intelligent controls. Collectively, we were driven to bring automotive levels of performance, safety and quality to the product” said Gary Meyers, CEO AKTV8.