For years, entrepreneurs have adapted motorhomes for use as everything from mobile offices to barber shops that they use for cutting customers’ hair in suburban office-building parking lots.
And a New Jersey man has come up with another idea: a health club on wheels in which the gym is brought to the customers’ driveway, according to The Record of Hackensack, N.J.
The owner of Motogym Inc. is John Cameiro, a Harrison, N.J., police officer who stocked a 34-foot Class A motorhome with 300 pounds of free weights and six commercial exercise machines. He calls his motorhome “the bus” and he drives it to clients’ homes for hourlong personal training sessions.
Cameiro had worked part-time as a head trainer for a national fitness franchise but “grew tired of seeing the fees his clients paid going into someone else’s pocket,” according to The Record.
Instead of being frustrated, he decided to open his own gym but found that leasing a building would be too expensive, so he came up with the idea of a gym in a motorhome. After hearing Cameiro’s idea, a lending company loan officer thought, “What the heck?” and agreed to provide him with financing, Cameiro said.
Motogym customers pay $40 to $50 per visit and Cameiro said he has a full client roster. He operates Motogym about 30 hours a week and has sales revenue about about $50,000 a year, he told the newspaper.