The Pacific Ocean was the end of the road for a motorhome stuck in the surf at Roosevelt Beach in Washington State, according to a report in the Aberdeen Daily World.
Two tow trucks were initially unable to free the RV, according to Trooper Brian George of the State Patrol, and eventually it had to be towed out after the tide went out.
“This thing was floating all over, then it sunk in the sand pretty good,” said tow truck operator Wayne Lemmon. “We waited for the tide to go out, then went out and hooked the big truck on.”
Lemmon, who talked to the owners on the beach, said they admitted to being “a little foolish.”
He added, “They just said the tide was way out and they were driving down low on the beach, and all of a sudden they just sank. Looked like they got stuck in a shrimp bed.”
No damage estimate was immediately available, but Lemmon said he thought the motorhome was a total loss.
“As far as damage, it’s in one piece and it looks pretty good, but there’s seawater all through the engine and transmission,” he said. “And there was eight feet of water inside. There were waves crashing clear over the top of it.”