Dealer inventories of motorhomes looked great, possibly even tight, as of the end of June, according to industry data.
Retail sales of Class A motorhomes were flat during June, when compared with June of 2001, according to recently released figures from Statistical Surveys Inc. However, the number of Class A’s shipped from manufacturers to dealers in June barely exceeded the number of units retailed in June, according to Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) figures issued earlier this month.
Consequently, dealers retailed Class A’s in June almost as soon as the units arrived from the factories.
The number of Class A’s retailed in the 48 states from which Statistical Surveys was able to gather data for June totaled 3,508 units, a 0.7% increase above the 3,484 Class A units sold to consumers in the same 48 states a year earlier.
Statistical Surveys, an independent market research firm, does not gather sales figures from Hawaii and it was unable to get New Hampshire’s data in time for its report.
Meanwhile, there were 3,700 Class A’s shipped wholesale during June, according to the RVIA. Additionally, the RVIA rounds its shipments figures to the nearest one hundred, so the shipments total for June could have been as low as, for example, 3,651 units.
During June 2001, dealer inventories of Class A’s was shrinking dramatically because only 2,900 units were shipped wholesale that month, according to the RVIA.
Class A retail sales were up 9% during the first half of this year in the 48 states to 18,652 units, according to Statistical Surveys. Meanwhile, around 19,700 Class A’s were shipped wholesale during the six months ended June 30, the RVIA reported.
During the first half of 2001, 17,104 Class A’s were retailed and around 17,100 units were shipped wholesale.
There was a similar pattern with Class C motorhomes.
There were 1,877 Class C’s retailed in the 48 states in June, a 16.3% increase over a year earlier. There were around 1,900 Class C’s shipped wholesale that month.
In June 2001, there were 1,614 Class C’s retailed and around 1,200 units shipped wholesale.
During the first half of this year, there were 8,053 Class C’s retailed in the 48 states, a 13.3% increase over a year earlier. There were 9,600 Class C’s shipped wholesale during the first half of this year.
Meanwhile, there were 7,105 Class C’s retailed in the 48 states during the first half of 2001, and there were around 7,600 Class C units shipped wholesale during that period.