Retail sales of Class A and Class C motorhomes were up 4.7% and 5.4%, respectively, in 2003, but the retail market for both was rather soft in December, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., an independent market research firm.
Retail sales of Class A’s increased 4.7% last year to 39,253 units, compared with 37,481 in 2002.
The Statistical Surveys data does not include sales in the states of New Hampshire and Hawaii.
Class C retail sales increased 5.4% in 2003 to 16,955 units, compared with 16,088 in 2002.
In December, Class A retail sales fell by 20.7% to 1,902 units, compared with 2,398 in December 2002. For the entire fourth quarter of 2003, Class A retail sales declined 7.9% to 7,864 units, compared with 8,535 in the final three months of 2002.
Class C retail sales declined 11% in December to 622 units, compared with 699 a year earlier. In the fourth quarter of 2003, Class C retail sales declined by 3% to 2,788 units, compared with 2,873 a year earlier.