More evidence of the RV industry’s turnaround can be found in the 14.1% increase in retail sales of Class A motorhomes, and the 6.6% increase in Class C motorhome sales in December, according to Statistical Surveys Inc., an independent market research firm.
There were 2,402 Class A’s retailed in the 47 states from which Statistical Surveys was able to gather data for December, compared with 2,105 Class A’s retailed in the same 47 states during December 2000.
Statistical Surveys does not gather data from Hawaii and it was unable to get the sales figures from Alabama and New Hampshire in time for its report.
Meanwhile, there were 707 Class C’s retailed last December in the 47 states, compared with 663 units sold in the same states a year earlier.
However, retail sales of motorhomes were weak during December 2000 when compared with December 1999. For example, there were 3,473 Class A’s and 939 Class C’s retailed in all states except Hawaii during December 1999.
For all of 2001, Class A retail sales declined 13.8% to 33,837 units sold in all states except Alabama, New Hampshire and Hawaii, Statistical Surveys reports. Class C sales declined 16.9% to 13,423 units retailed in the same 47 states.
During 1999, when the industry was at its most recent cyclical peak, there were 43,633 Class A’s and 17,565 Class C’s retailed in all states except Hawaii.