February motorhome retail sales kept pace with last year’s strong performance that analysts said was boosted by pent-up demand from the war in Iraq.
According to Statistical Surveys Inc., February motorhome sales improved 1.3%, reaching 4,492 units versus 4,434 units in 2004.
Revised January figures showed motorhome sales increased 7.9% to 4,438 units – buoyed by a 10.1% jump in Class A sales.
For the first two months, cumulative motorhome sales gained 4.5% from 8,548 units last year to 8,930 units.
During the same two-month period, wholesale shipments to dealers declined 13.5%, reflecting, in part, efforts by builders to adjust inventory levels.
Other highlights include:
* February Class A motorhome sales were up 2% to 3,172 units compared with 3,109 in 2004 while totals for the first two months rose 6% to 6,438 units sold.
* Class C motorhome sales dropped just 0.4% in February from 1,325 units to 1,320 and gained 0.8% for the first two months to 2,492 units sold.
* January Class A sales increased to 3,266 units versus 2,966 last year.
* Class C sales in January were up 2.1% to 1,172 units compared with 1,148 in 2004.
Statistical Surveys noted that revised January reports had incomplete information from New Hampshire and Wisconsin. Data from both states, along with Iowa, was also incomplete in February. The independent research firm does not gather information from Hawaii.