Motorhome deliveries showed modest improvement while towable RV shipments were marginally better in May, according to data compiled by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA).

Shipments of Class A, B and C motorhomes declined 13.5% in May to 4,500 units, but that reflects an improvement compared with the 28.1% fall in total motorhome shipments during the first five months of this year, to 21,700 units, the RVIA reported.

Meanwhile, shipments of all types of towable RVs declined 18.6% in May to 19,300 units, and total towable deliveries were down 19.3% during the first five months of this year to 94,600 units.

Here is how the various product categories performed during May and the first five months of this year:

Travel trailer deliveries declined 15.5% in May to 9,800 units and were down 18.5% year-to-date to 46,300 units.

Fifth-wheel deliveries fell 17.5% in May to 4,700 units and were down 18.4% year-to-date to 23,900 units.

Folding camper deliveries declined 26.9% in May to 3,800 units and were down 22.6% year-to-date to 19,900 units.

Class A motorhome shipments fell 18.2% in May to 2,700 units and were down 30.4% year-to-date to 14,200 units.

Class C motorhome shipments were down 12.5% in May to 1,400 units and fell 22% year-to-date to 6,400 units.

Truck camper deliveries declined 16.7% in May to 1,000 units and were down 16.7% year-to-date to 4,500 units.

Class B motorhome deliveries increased 33.3% in May to 400 units but Class B shipments still were down 31.3% year-to-date to 1,100 units.