The issue of motorhome weight did not arise during recent discussions in California about a bill to extend the maximum allowable motorhome length to 45 feet, according to Jim Sheldon, special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp. and head of an hoc committee of highline Class A motorhome manufacturers.

The California Assembly Transportation Committee unanimously approved on April 30 a bill that would extend to 45 feet, from 40 feet, the maximum allowable length for a motorhome in that state.

The bill still needs approval by an appropriations committee and by the full House and Senate before it goes to Gov. Grey Davis for his signature.

The bill passed by the transportation committee at the end of April is similar to the bill vetoed by Davis last year. This year’s proposal could reach Davis’ desk by late July, Sheldon added.

Earlier this year, California transportation officials led Sheldon to believe they would require a “special endorsement” on the driver’s license of the operators of motorhomes weighing 26,000 pounds and above. That would have brought some motorhomes as short as 36 feet under the new legislation.

The current bill allowing motorhomes as long as 45 feet in California would require the operators of motorhomes from 40 to 45 feet long to get a special license endorsement, Sheldon said. That would involving passing medical, written and driving tests, he said.