Authorities killed a mountain lion that wandered into Pismo Coast Village RV Park, Pismo Beach, Calif., after it made threatening moves toward a campground employee.
“It’s the first time something like that has happened,” said Jay Jamison, general manager of the 400-site park located on beachfront property on the Pacific Ocean. “Nobody was hurt, but it was very exciting for everybody involved. The whole incident makes you realize that we are living with wildlife amongst us.”
Jamison, whose 26-acre park is about halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, told Woodall’s Campground Management that the lion was first spotted inside the park’s fence, pacing back and forth. “The first person who came in close contact with it was someone who had gone outside to put their dog out.”
The 2-year-old male cat was shot and killed by authorities after making an aggressive move toward a park security guard and leaping an eight-foot fence into the adjoining state-owned North Beach Campground.
Although mountain lions are a protected species in California, aggressive animals that may return to populated areas are killed, State Fish and Game Warden Dean Hileman told The Associated Press.
“When we’ve tried relocating lions, unfortunately, they tend not to stay in the same area,” he said. “We would be absolutely liable and we would pay big bucks if the lion returned and hurt people.”