Luise V. Hanson, widow of Winnebago Industries Inc. founder John K. Hanson, plans to sell 650,000 shares of her Winnebago stock, according to the insiderSCORES.com news service.

Mrs. Hanson is Winnebago’s largest shareholder. As of last Nov. 13, she owned a little more than 7,981,000 Winnebago shares, or 38.6% of the company’s common stock, according to Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) documents.

Additionally, Gerald Bowman, Mrs. Hanson’s son in-law sold 50,000 of his Winnebago shares at $29.74 a share on June 29, insiderSCORES.com reports.

Bowman, a Winnebago board member and former senior vice president of the company, owned a little more than 206,600 shares of Winnebago stock as of last Nov. 13, according to the company’s proxy statement.

Several Winnebago insiders have informed the SEC in recent weeks of their plans to sell some of their Winnebago shares. This apparently occurred because the price of Winnebago, a New York Stock Exchange-listed company, reached new 52-week highs on several occasions in late June and early July.

Corporate insiders are free to buy or sell their company’s stock as long as they make their intentions known to the SEC, which makes the information available to the investing public.