Imler Consulting & Publishing Inc. has launched a campground and RV park “mystery guest” program, the Sacramento, Calif.-based company announced.

Under the terms of the program, Imler will enter into a contract with a campground or RV park to provide a mystery guest who will critique the facility’s entire operations, from its reservations system to maintenance programs. The mystery guest will provide the campground or RV park operator with a written report including recommendations for general improvements and/or upgrades.

The facility operator can request a window of time for the arrival of the mystery guest, but the operator will not know the identity of the person or specifically when the mystery guest will arrive.

All of Imler’s mystery guests are experienced RVers with experience in park operations and/or inspections.

For more information, contact John or Ruth Imler at 916-920-0166 or [email protected] The company’s postal address is: Imler Publishing & Consulting Inc., 2445 Harvard St., Sacramento, CA 95815.