For more than a decade, Log Cabin Homes was North Carolina’s only certified recreational park trailer builder.
But after years of operating in relative obscurity, Log Cabin Homes is now facing competition from three other park model manufacturers that have located operations in the state, including B & L Homes in Madison, C & C Building Company LLC in Black Mountain and Chestnut Ridge Log Cabins in Nebo.
According to a press release, while newcomers are carving their own niches in the park model business, their growth isn’t necessarily coming at the expense of Rocky Mount-based Log Cabin Homes. All three companies are finding growing demand for their products, not only in North Carolina, but throughout the eastern half of the United States and across the nation.
“I know I could double my sales if I had the staff to do it,” said Craig Chapman, owner of C & C Building Co. LLC, adding, “Right now I’m turning work away.”
The industry experienced 8% growth in 2005, according to figures from the Recreation Park Trailer Industry Association (RPTIA). The North Carolina builders said that industry growth has led to increased capacities and work forces.
Chestnut Ridge Log Cabins expects to hire additional employees later this year and Log Cabin Homes recently hired 32 additional employees, boosting its work force to 145. “We’ve got as much business as we can handle,” said Tom Vesce, president of Log Cabin Homes, adding that his park model sales are up 28% compared to last year.