Residents in North Carolina’s Burke County recovering from the mid-January tornado will be able to reside in recreational vehicles and campers after the Board of Commissioners approved a temporary ordinance.

According to the Morganton News Herald, current county ordinances only allow for RVs and campers in RV parks. The temporary ordinance allows tornado victims to live in the RVs while their homes are repaired or rebuilt, Planning and Development Director Susan Berley said.

Permits are valid for six months from the date of issue and can be renewed for an additional year, said Berley. Residents can apply for permits until Aug. 6. The board also waived the $25 permit fee.

Commissioner Steven Smith asked whether the temporary ordinance would apply to victims of any future natural disasters, if they occurred before the ordinance expires.

The ordinance only applies to victims of the Jan. 11 tornado, said Berley, but commissioners could amend the county’s emergency and disaster plan to allow for an immediate response.

The current temporary ordinance is now reaching the board because a public hearing, which must be advertised for a certain amount of time, had to be held, added Berley.