The city council in Crosby, N.D., heard from a developer who wants to site a 42-space indoor RV park in the city’s South Ridge Acres development, the Bismarck Tribune reported.

Pete Dunn told the council that he and his partner Frank Strocchio intend to put the RV park in the development.

He said his plans are modeled after a similar but larger indoor RV park in Watford City. The Watford city park has about 250 individual RV spaces.

The park he’d like to add in Crosby would include a 90-foot-by-420-foot building that would house 42 RVs.

Dunn said the park would have two rows of bays, seven bays to a building side, for a total of 14 bays. Each bay could house three RVs.

The park is intended to meet oil field crew housing needs.

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