On Sept. 1, people in Williston, N.D., will officially be banned from living in RVs or campers inside city limits.

According to a report by KFYR TV, Bismarck, that means an estimated 400 people are about to be forced out of town – most coming to Williston because of the area’s oil boom. People are scrambling to find open lots for their RVs outside of town before deadline, but there simply aren`t any available.

A huge RV park north of town was supposed to be completed by Sept. 1, but it`s still under construction, and people are starting to get worried.

“If you are living in a camper in someone`s backyard, you need to be making plans to move in the next two weeks, because we are going to be enforcing that ordinance,” said Mayor Ward Koeser.

One of those individuals is Dan Corona, who lives with his wife and their daughter Lexi inside their RV.

“It was some rough living at the beginning, but now in the RV it`s a lot better,” he said. “But now they`ve got the law coming up on and we don`t know where to go.”

They`ve been trying to find a place to live, but every RV park they`ve checked is full.

The new park will have 700 lots, but only 180 of those will be available by early September. That means over 200 people will have no place to live.

“It`s going to be close. If we`re a few days off and the park isn`t quite ready I think the police will be flexible. But we are going to start enforcing it around the first of September,” Koeser said.